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  • Giving the church a good rap

    Combining military duty with a civilian job can be a balancing act, but throw in parenthood, church leadership and rapping and life is never boring for Technical Sgt. Lesley Thomas, a travel pay technician for the 137 Air Refueling Wing.Thomas produces the music for the rap group Mobsters of Light,

  • Oklahoma Airman entertains troops overseas

    Surrounded by a sea of darkness, the 28-year-old Airman is well aware of the hundreds of eyes watching his every move. He has been in this situation many times before, but somehow, this time feels different.With quiet composure, he plays the opening notes to the classic rock hit, "Bohemian

  • Simple steps to wrap up UCI preparations

    This is the last drill before the Unit Compliance inspection.  Every member from airman basic to colonel must be proactive with last minute preparations.  First impressions can set the stage for the entire inspection, so the wing must put its best foot forward.G.I. PARTY: Everyone should take a walk

  • Protect your family against trafficking at home

    Law enforcement  is discovering that the Internet is not only used by traffickers to market children for sex, through venues such as private chat rooms, but traffickers are also using the MySpace and Facebook to lure kids by posing as friends.Through a process called "grooming", traffickers work to