Simple steps to wrap up UCI preparations

  • Published
  • By Maj. LeeAnn Tumblson, Chief of Staff
  • 137 ARW
This is the last drill before the Unit Compliance inspection.  Every member from airman basic to colonel must be proactive with last minute preparations.  First impressions can set the stage for the entire inspection, so the wing must put its best foot forward.

G.I. PARTY: Everyone should take a walk through their squadrons and work centers.  Remove clutter, and discard unnecessary equipment or paperwork.  Dust and clean work surfaces and sweep hallways.  Are there any potential safety hazards?  Fix them on the spot or elevate concerns to a supervisor.  Is privacy act and sensitive information properly marked and protected?

YARD PARTY - Look outside around buildings with a sharp eye.  Ensure lawns, parking lots and sidewalks are in good shape and free of trash.

WALLPAPER DAY - Bulletin boards, white erase boards anything else hanging on the wall should be current and relevant.

PAPERWORK POLISH - Dress up continuity books and ensure all documentation is neat and readily available.  Any remaining issues should be handled now!

DEVELOP A UCI INBRIEF - Be prepared to greet your inspector with information about your section including: the organization structure, manning, personnel experience, etc.  and facilities.  Describe how the mission is being accomplished and how the unit is complying with instructions.  Identify improvements or plans made to solve shortfalls and limitations.

End on a positive note by showcasing best practices.  What does the unit do that is above and beyond the mission requirements?  Briefing should be 10 minutes or less and move right into showing your program.

LOOK IN THE MIRROR - Ensure your uniform is sharp and ready to go.  Ensure patches, name tags and rank are correct and serviceable.

The uniform of the day on Mondays is blues, be prepared.

TAKE OWNERSHIP - Regardless of rank or position, everyone has a significant role to play in the wing's success.  Don't walk away from an issue thinking, "that's someone else's job."  If you see something out of line, fix it.  If you don't know how, elevate it.  Together, the members of the 137th Air Refueling Wing will succeed!