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  • ANG hosts national security forces conference & award ceremony

    Security Forces leadership from more than 100 units across the Air National Guard (ANG) met in one place to discuss past, current and upcoming topics that impact the career field as a whole.
  • 137th SOW develops special operations-specific Yellow Ribbon program for ANG Airmen

    The Yellow Ribbon program is meant to help Guard and Reserve military members, families and communities prepare for deployment.
  • Will Rogers Air National Guard Base saves thousands of dollars with basewide LED replacements

    Three hundred and sixty-six traditional lightbulbs around base and on the flight line were recently replaced with light-emitting diode, or LED, fixtures at Will Rogers Air National Guard Base in Oklahoma City.
  • 205th Engineering and Installation Squadron helps complete $22 million ANG project

    Cheering erupts around work trucks as Airmen load the beds with their tools. After almost a week of nearly 12-plus hour work days, the Airmen collectively finished their last task of the day.
  • AFSOC and Oklahoma Guard say farewell to longtime general and mentor

    WILL ROGERS AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Okla. – Hundreds of Airmen gathered in two locations, including one room for overflow, to witness the retirement ceremony of Maj. Gen. Gregory L. Ferguson, Aug. 4, 2018 at Will Rogers Air National Guard Base in Oklahoma City – the place where his career started 36 years ago.
  • 137th SOW Airmen receive Oklahoma Star of Valor after rescue

    Will Rogers Air National Guard Base, Okla. – Master Sgt. Adam Hinsperger and Master Sgt. Casey Ray, both full-time 285th Special Operations Intelligence Squadron (SOIS) intelligence analysts at Will Rogers Air National Guard Base in Oklahoma City, never imagined receiving Oklahoma Stars of Valor after telling coworkers about their mountain bike ride one weekend.
  • 137th SOCES completes deployment readiness training

    MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE, Calif. – Eighty-four members of the 137th Special Operations Civil Engineering Squadron (137th SOCES) participated in deployment readiness training at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County, California, June 25-30, 2018
  • 146th ASOS builds partnerships during warfighter exercise

    The 146th Air Support Operations Squadron (146th ASOS), Will Rogers Air National Guard Base (WRANGB) in Oklahoma City, worked with new and old partners during Warfighter 18-5 (WFX 18-5), June 5-14, 2018, at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center near Edinburgh, Indiana.
  • New commander to take 137th SOG to “next level”

    Col. Daniel R. “Pinto” Fowler, formerly assigned to the Air National Guard Advisor to U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, Hurlbert Field, Florida, assumed com-mand of the 137th Special Operations Group from Col. Kelly W. Cobble during a change of command ceremony at Will Rogers Air National Guard Base in Oklahoma City, May 17, 2018.
  • New simulator virtually priceless for training

    Darkness. It’s night, and the chaos of battle is loud. The sounds reverberate all around, but there are no sights to connect the tumult. Through the cacophony, it is possible to distinguish the barking of dogs, the staccato pops of semi-automatic weapons firing, voices yelling unidentifiable phrases in indistinguishable languages and the squealing whooshes of mortars flying overhead. A lone voice rises above the rest, “Thanks for the work.” With that, the sound cuts off, lights are switched on and the scenario ends. A trainee emerges from a canvas covered simulator dome and is congratulated by the instructors.