Unit Compliance Inspection – Showtime!

  • Published
  • By Col Gregory Ferguson
  • 137 ARW/CC
     A unit compliance inspection is one of the single most significant inspections a base can receive. According to Air Mobility Command Instruction 90-201, The Inspection System, UCIs are conducted to assess areas mandated by law as well as mission areas identified by senior Air Force and major command leaders as critical or important to the health and performance of organizations.
     The 137 ARW will receive its UCI on July 23, where over six days, 55 AMC inspectors from Scott AFB, IL, will evaluate and inspect all groups and units on their day-to-day compliance with executive orders, Department of Defense directives, Air Force and major command instructions.
     We have clearly defined requirements through regulations and have asked, "Does it comply?" Our self-inspections and UCI checklists have been analyzed, scrubbed, tweaked and re-analyzed. Your procedures and processes, staff assistance visits and senior enlisted leaders look program have made us stronger and more prepared to execute our missions.
     Finally, you have assimilated all of this preparation and made your programs and processes mistake-proof, consistent and reliable. Airmen have learned from previous UCI write-ups, SAV write-ups and exercise feedback and then began the process again by returning to the original question: Does it comply?
     Bottom line: Attitude is everything! Each of us are already "can do" people. We overcome adversity every day and succeed where others would easily fail. So what can YOU do right now?
     Be ready to shine! Share your hard work with enthusiasm. Exercise customs and courtesies and look sharp. We know that we are a world class organization; it's now time to put that reputation on display for our inspectors to see. Thanks for all of the hard work and preparation and above all else, GOOD LUCK!