Sex trafficking: don't think it doesn't happen here

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Tracey Hale
  • 137 ARW/OGI

     We know that sex trafficking happens in other parts of the world, yet we do not think it is happening in our backyard.
     We promise the 'American Dream,' but we also hold the title of the second highest destination in the world for trafficked women and children.  Their lives are sold for $2,000 (at most) to the predators who buy them.
     The average age of a sex slave is 11 years-old.
      After two years of preparations the Hadassah House, Oklahoma's first safe house for human trafficking victims, opened up in February to adult victims of sex trafficking.
     It is the first stage in a multiple-housing-program plan for Oklahoma.
     The program will include emergency shelters, safe houses, group homes, transitional living and re-introduction to successfully "survivor to thriver" living.  This will be accomplished through safe and loving care, support, education, vocational opportunities, professional counseling and case management as well as inner healing through faith in Christ.