137th Special Operations Wing 2020 Fact Sheet



- 1,181 Authorized Personnel (current as of April 2020)
- Up to 13 Primary Assigned Aircraft (PAA)
- Only U.S Air Force unit with the MC-12W

Wing Commander, Col. Daniel L. Fowler
5624 Air Guard Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73179



An Operations Reserve fully integrated into active duty (AD) operations



A force provider for geographic combatant commanders, special operations command, theatre special operations commanders and task forces with manned intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, close air support, agile combat support, cyber, and aeromedical evacuation.



- Our READINESS will now begin to measure against Great Power Competition Nations and create capability and capacity to meet those growing threats. We will increase our lethality and meet the future demands of National Defense needs.

- Our future RELEVANCE depends upon our ability to evolve with the AD. Concurrent and proportional recapitalization flows from concurrent and proportional utilization. We will build ANG joint leaders, focused on 21st-Century innovation, maximizing our cost efficiency for greater performance.

- Our RESILIENCE is our continued care for our WRANGB Family, both on and off base, to ensure we don’t induce undue hardship to our members, families, employers and community. We will fortify our alliances with our long-standing relationships, increasing the total global defense network. We will be ready to deploy at 1:5 MOB-to-Dwell, assisting our AD partners. Concurrent and proportional utilization provides assured access to the ANG while maximizing our benefits and entitlements.



- DEPLOYMENTS: The Wing’s continual and ongoing deployments are the number one focus amongst our priorities! We are cost-effective resource for the Department of Defense (DoD) to draw from in the continued fight against Counter Violent Extremist Organizations (CVEOs), and we must continue to demonstrate that through our capable professionalism.

- EUCOM: Our current State Partnership Program (SPP) and well-established relationships within European Command (EUCOM) demonstrates our ability to reality fit in the National Defense Strategy (NDS). Additionally, the longevity of our members’ service in the Air National Guard means their professional training exceeds many of their Air Force AD counterparts, which exponentially increases our long-term ability to build and maintain partnerships.

- GREAT POWER COMPETITION, RUSSIA: Our unique attributes as Guardsmen allows us to use the capabilities of the 137th SOW to help address concerns that we have in common with our allies at EUCOM.

- AFSOC: We continuously develop our members by participating with AFSOC in exercises, deployments, force, augmentation and developments opportunities. The integration offers our gaining MAJCOM the opportunity to build stronger joint leaders at all levels while involving itself with our highly innovative team.